Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rev. Wright or Wrong?

I think I am clever with that title, I really do.

I cannot seem to not care about this, or not respond to the recent Obamarific happenings as much as I want to. On the airplane both ways, politics and Jesus came up leading us straight to Obama. AND it wasn't that they saw the back of my sweatshirt (Barack My World) which led to conversation, it just was random talk. Family members and friends emailed and called inquiring about my response or to be like, "SEE? I am staying with good ol' McCain."

SO after much thought and not really a strong desire but a felt need to speak out I say the following.

I do not actually think Rev. Wright has much to be sorry for. I did not hear that whole sermon, as did any of us not present that day but the excerpt I heard that seems to be the most inflammatory, the one phrase that everyone is so freaking pissy about is "God Damn America. God Damn America for it's past treatment of minorities."
And I say yes, Rev. Wright, GOd Damn America and I think HE will. I see America as the most sinful, corrupted, materialistic nation going. But my views are not important here, the simple fact is that God will damn America unless they repent for their sins. The sins of blatantly denying the poor and the least, for obcessive materialistic views that are signifying idolatry and placing other things before the Lord. We are the richest nation (debatable lately with the crashing of the market)in the world, as we have been referred to for years. The Lord clearly says in the book of Matthew:
23Then Jesus said to his disciples, "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

later in that same chapter he confirms:30But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.

Based on this and many, countless other passages about loving and caring for the poor and the least and welcoming the stranger, I feel America has the blood of the poor and the least all over her hands. Slavery, our treatment of immigrants, our denial and rejection of the poor in all arenas of life, our capitalistic striving to make more money and covet more things and our collaborative denial of Christ as our only savior from this life leads me to see God seriously damning America. SO go on ahead, Rev. Wright because I ain't mad at you.

Obama. He apparently ain't mad at you either! First just hearing Obama's speech and not knowing exactly what Rev. Wright said, I was struck deeply by something in his speech. Not all his elaboration on America's deep need to speak about racial issues, although I agree and felt relief someone with a bigger voice than I put it out there for us all to see. I was joyful at that but something else seemed to far outshine that for me. In his speech, Obama decried Rev. Wright's statements but he stood by the man. He stood by him despite those falling percentage points and loss of the super delegates (quick sidenote- HOW, i repeat with emphasis, HOW exactly do superdelegates fit into out idea of democracy? Do they have super powers that their votes are counted as more important and more super and special that other delegates of even common voters?) Obama did not reject or deny Rev. Wright. He said oh yes he did something wrong, but he is my guy, my pastor, my friend and I will not abandon him for my personal gain. How many of us could be that loyal, that forgiving, and that loving in the face of such adversity? Whether or not what the Rev. says was wrong or right, Obama was like no, no, hold up! Thats my friend and y'all better just back it on up. I respect that. I RESPECT THAT too hard. I was seriously blown away by that ability to stand up for what he believes and who he believes in. Yes, It was a great speech and monumental for many reasons. But this reason made me respect him even more and wear my sweatshirt a little more proudly as on this day Barack did Rock MY World.

Come back tomorrow for some Michelle Obama talk.

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