Friday, May 30, 2008

Kick bricks.

I never did get around to writing about my feelings on immigration.

I can only look at it from one point of view: Loving all people as Christ would want me to.

From that viewpoint, its not really an issue any further. I love people and that makes me not want them to suffer. Loving people makes me want to give them what they need. Loving people makes me want to sacrifice what I have.

I dont care about borders and political systems and all that noise with this issue. I mean, I appreciate the way i am able to live in America. I am blessed, so fortunate to have been born here as opposed to being born in a war torn, 3rd world country. I had no hand in that and all thanks belongs to the Lord for blessing me with being born with abundant resources that America offers (food, house, opportunities for education, limited oppression as a woman, freedom of religion especially to practice Christianity). The Lord blessed me with all this- how can I say I am better than others or more suited to live here than those that need to come here or even want to come here? Most people from other countries that come here that I have worked with or met, came here out of necesity; to support their families back home. They arent here because America is more fun or because they want to topple the government.

I get emails from certain members of my family saying that because of Mexicans specifically, the school system and health systems are toppling and that it sucks to pay taxes and have others benefit from that. It could be THE most selfish thing I know of to not allow starving and threatened people into our safe and food rich country. I throw away more food a day than people in other countries probaly get in a week. Its sick and twisted.

Ok so not only is it selfish, and some people read my blog that arent best friends with Jesus- for that sake I will just say its morally despicable to deny others a chance to eat, live, support their families, basically NOT DIE because we are afraid of not living as well off.

Let's redefine necessity for a second.
Right, so we want our kids to go to freaking Harvard and drive too big cars and other people just want their kids to eat and not die.

I mean when you put things into real life and death perspective, this whole immigration thing is not really an actual issue of what to do. It's what not to do: Dont bar people from coming into our country who need food and help to survive.

"But oh we send so much aid there."
Right but um, its not getting to everyone that needs it. So what are we saying, stay there and suffer war, disease, hunger, famine, genocide because we sent 25 dollars to some fund this month?

"Why dont all those people who want to come here go home and make their countries better?"
wow, great point but that takes time. And the poor people dont always have food let alone guns, weapons of mass destruction, military mobilization, etc. How do you fight the Taliban if you are hungry? Our freaking troops cant even find them, let alone fight them and they have lots of resources. And Mexico? even the police are corrupt there. Who do you call to help you? We dump all our garbage there across the border, what message is that sending to the people?

It just seems so freaking OBVIOUS. We have the room. We have the resources.

Have you seen Winnetka lately? Each house there can take half of a small country and feed and shelter them. I am going a little overboard but cmon. People are dying and suffering so we can hang out comfortably. Thats wrong no matter who and what you believe in.

Monday, May 26, 2008


There was alot of places I wanted to celebrate Memorial Day today, a few BBQ's that sounded fun and I was craving some alone time with my boyfriend. But none of that happened....

I live with my grandma and since my grandpa died five years ago this Fathers Day, she gets very lonely and sad. My mom is usually over here to celebrate these holidays and she plans and her husband cooks and I can opt to be here or not. But my mom went to Florida and the other day my grandma was complaining that she had nothing to do for memorial day. So I planned a BBQ for just us. I was laying in bed this morning and a little sad that I had to stay home all day. Its very calm and quiet here and sometimes I feel like I am missing out on life. But tonight was fun. We bought alot of vegetables and some beef to assemble shish ka bobs and cooked some corn on the cob. I blackened almost everything a little bit and definitely burned off ALL of the hair on the my right arm and hand. (I feel the instructions on the charcoal lighter should perhaps be more specific and, well, instructive!) Then, I got the bright idea to make smores. We only had small marshmallows and I was challenged to brown them. We had fun and I realized I am lucky to be able to know my Grandma so well. Before my grandpa died, I had a conversation with him where I promised to take care of my grandma and I feel peaceful that I am fulfilling that promise to him. I do love her and days like today I am thrilled to be here and do things to make her happy.

Alot of times I get caught up in making others outside my house happy and feel so passionate about alleviating sadness, loneliness, pain and I forget that there is a tiny little lonely granny at home waiting for me to brighten up her day.

gran and sar

right where I'm supposed to be

Last night I went to the DePaul Gospel Choir spring concert. It was okay...There was a woman that was preaching in the middle of the concert and she said something that was cool: She said that God puts you where He wants you and then she went on to give a ton of examples. One of the ones she said was, "You are on that bus for a reason. God put you there for a reason." I didnt really feel moved especially by anything she said at the time, but today I was pleased to find her words ring true.

I was taking the bus home from the train station this afternoon. (I am not loving the patience that public transportation takes but it is slowing me down and creating space for thinking and reflecting) As I waited for the bus, a lady asked me what time the bus comes and after I told her she didnt stop talking until after we boarded the bus, took our seats and then arrived at my stop and I departed. She just began spilling her life out to me, I mean she wove this sordid tale of an abusive husband and 2 children who are grown and do not talk to her and she cant find them and she just moved to Niles from Lincoln Square neighborhood and is amazed how downhill her old neighborhood has gone. She had just come from there and saw a fight between a homeless man and a gangbanger with a baby in tow over turf. She went on and on and did stop once and ask about my work situation. I did not have time to ask her many questions, she jsut seemed to want to pour out her situation. The bus was loud and she spoke quietly, I kept missing words and phrases but she did not seem to be concerned. At first, I kept thinking why is she telling me this? What does she want me to do to help? I also was a little uncomfortable at first, I mean I am very not into sharing personal details of my life with anyone and here this woman was spilling details of her life into my hands as we waited for the bus on a warm windy Saturday in Chicago. Later, as she continued talking aboard the bus I was thinking how do I tell her Jesus loves her? How do I work that in, because I am sure THAT is what I am supposed to do, That has got to be why God put me here...
Then I realized- Maybe I am just here to listen. Thats it. To listen and smile and tell her to have a good day. ITs weird that just listening and smiling and caring can be enough, life's problems seem so much more serious than that.

But God has me on that bus. He will have me on the bus, and train, and bus again all week long. Its more than money. I need that time to requaint myself with the city and to see the people in a way that I have lost lately. I need that time to learn patience as I wait for the bus. I need to be on that bus to have the chance to make someone's day by smiling, laughing, listening, talking, giving up my seat, helping someone on with packages or strollers, etc. I think I have been shying away from interacting with people for a while and now this is God's way of introducing me back into where he wants me to be.

As I grumble about the many events that have culminated in my decision to divorce my car for a week, God has blessed me with a way to serve. He has put me somewhere that while challenging and different from my normal routine, will give me the motivation in serving and loving and interacting with others. I have been lacking in this area and my spiritual life and relationship with God has visibly suffered.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Boycotting my car

Gas prices in the nation are high, but nowhere are they higher than in Chicago. We have the nations highest average price of gas. By my campus, at the intersection of Fullerton and Ashland is THE most expensive gas in the nation at the BP Amoco station. It was all over the news, news crews were there and so were newspaper journalists. People are still going there, I am like WHY? Why are you doing that?

I got 5 tickets. 5. Over the course of last week and this week I received 5 parking tickets. So I drive to school because I can be there is about 15 minutes but taking the train or bus(es) takes me an hour at least. There is meters to park at and the first 2 years, I barely even fed them ever and never with more than a quarter. It didnt matter, I never saw the Dept. of Revenue and never got tickets. This year the Dept of Revenue is stalking me with a vengenance! DePaul is like a gold mine for them; as i walk down Fullerton most of the cars are decorated with a bright orange parking ticket and now everyday every day i see the Dept of Revenue people on all the streets surrounding campus. Well I have a four hour class on Thursday and you can only feed the meter for 2 hours at at time so I am screwed. So 2 thursdays in a row I got an expired meter ticket and on both of those days I was also blessed with an expired plates ticket. SO thats 4. Then I got one for parking on Armitage during rush hour. Thats 5. Thats lots of money. I do not make lots of money. So I am grounding myself from my car.

I hate people when I drive. No one in the entire city of Chicago is nice apparently. Its like as soon as people get into traffic, all ettiquette or friendliness is sucked from their very souls and a hardened, mean, bitter carcass of spite and malice is left to navigate their vehicle. Some man threw a slurpee at another man's car on the Kennedy this week. This morning as I drove through Winnetka on my way to work at 7 am, a limo driver got out of his car and pounded on the hood of the car behind him because that car was apparently not understanding that the limo wanted to back into the driveway it was blocking. The woman in front of me in the Burger King drive through flicked me off for encouraging her to pull up with a short and friendly beep. SHe wasnt sure I saw it the first two times apparently, so she honked and when i looked up she waved it around again. When I was stuck in traffic on the way to the symphony, I saw 2 motorcycles speeding past using the shoulder and again I yelled about if they want to be treated like cars then they should act like cars.

I want to be "green." I think that if I cut down my driving and expulsion of car fumes, I will be a part of the solution towards reducing carbon dioxide. Also, reducing my dependency on oil and petroleum products is a good thing and something I may have to do in the future without a choice anyway.

All next week I will attempt to not drive my vehicle. The exception will be on the weekend when I work. I cannot take the train or bus to nanny jobs because many times I have to pick up the kids and take them places but that should only be 3 times next week. OTherwise, its public transportation for me. I will post my exciting adventures with Chicago's sorry excuse for a public transportation system here all next week. Join me, won't you?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

and then there was one

This week there has been so many things I have done or seen that have made me think it was perfect blog fodder. That happens alot; I will have an overwhelming desire to speak and process via blog like 92 million things in a short time but feel conflicted about which to choose and I end up picking none.

One of the highlights this week was a protest at DePaul. When I say protest, I dont mean the usual 4 or 5 liberal kids that stand outside the students center with signs about "Drive out the Bush regime, the world can't wait" and hand out bright orange bandanas, or do I mean the usual liberal contingency getting flustered that we serve Coca Cola on campus because they discourage unions. I mean a full out protest. I was thrilled, I love this stuff even if I could care less what they are protesting! I love the excitement and the organizing and doing something. I poke at both liberals and conservatives quite a bit on here, and after I add up all the things I feel liberally about and then subtract all the things I feel conservatively about multiplied by my Christian faith and divided by the fact that I am super emotional and reactionary I find myself hanging out in the middle of the political spectrum. Its interesting and I am ok with not labeling myself because thats too stifling. Enough small talk.

So DePaul is like me: contradicting and fine with it. It is supposedly a Catholic Vincentian school (all about service) but we have a huge room for Muslim worship and the jewish population far surpass the Catholic one, I think. We are also a super super wowie liberal college and the most diverse student body in the nation for the last 5 years. But there is a conservative student alliance (i bet there is not more than 20 members)and the guys wear ties alot and print a cute little ranty paper hating DePaul because of its liberal bias and confuse me when I read it for fun because why would they pick to go here if they know most everything here has a liberal stance. The head of the Conservative Alliance and I got into a heated (screaming) match once upon a time when I was a freshman at a forum on Abu Gahrib prison. Little did we know the heights we would soar: He became head of the Conservative Alliance and would be on the news all week long leading up to Tuesday and I would write a blog about it. :)

So on Tuesday the Cons. Stud. Alliance (henceforth CSA) planned a presentation with the leader of the minutemen, Chris Simcox. The minutemen are a group of self armed citizens that patrol the border we share with Mexico with firearms looking/hunting for people that are crossing illegally. That much is fact. They do that, with weapons. The rest is all sketchy, but among these sketchy allegations I have heard in classes, in the quad, at the protest, on their website, on the internet, etc are as follows:
1. it's renegade justice
2. they set food/water traps in the desert that the starving-thirsty immigrants stop at and then are captured by the minutemen who deliver them unto the immigration department
3. they are protecting out country from intruders
4. they are named the minutemen because they can kill an immigrant in under a minute
5. they are named the minutemen after the farmers who armed themselves and assisted in driving out the British and called themselves that in Shay's Rebellion during the Revolutionary War
6. they arent against all immigration, just illegal immigration
7. they are racist.
And on and on. All conflicting. And all I dont care.
WHAT? Sarah how can you not care? Exactly. Just keep your pants on.

So I had class and it got out at 830 and my boyfriend came to meet me on his way home. I was super excited to go see the protest because it was supposed to be big and some immigrant groups from South side of Chicago had WALKED all night (why?) and camped out all day at DePaul and there was going to be churches, immigrants rights groups, Depaul students, news crews, lots of police, and all around just plain fun times and revelry.

We walked to the Athletic Center and you could hear them chanting stuff from a block away and see the lights of the news crew vans (all of them 2, 5, 7, 9, 32 and Spanish stations were there and set up and interviewing people). I often tell my boyfriend he is the only Black conservative Republican in Chicago (I joke) and keeping with his nature he was not excited about the punk rock LBGTQ (thats DePaul's handy dandy term for lesbian-bisexual-gay-transexual or transgender-queer students) students just generally making no sense and running amuck with black flags (?) screaming "no borders" and other indecipherable stuff. I did see a couple small groups of people from indigenous and Latino heritage playing small drums and holding signs in spanish but mostly it was the aforementioned hyper white kids with punk rock anarchist intentions that I feel TOTALLY comfortable laughing at. (baaaaddddd Christian! I know I know)
First of all they were dancing badly to the tribal beat of the drums. Second they werent really organized and yelled different things. Third, they were not yelling grammatically correct spanish when they tried. They were yelling "Simcox (the speakers last name) Eschuchamos! DePaul Eschuchamos!" That means Simcox, we are listening. DePaul we are listening. What they wanted to say was Simcox Listen to us, DepAul listen to us = because they followed it up with "we dont want hate." I was amused.

Also, the funniest thing was this old guy with an orange flag on a long super high pole that said Drive out the Bush regime the world cant wait. Now yes, lets run Bush out and far away but how is that relevant to this protest? I love it, anywhere in Chicago there is anything protesty, like foie gras for example, the "Drive out the Bush regime" people show up and jump on their bandwagon. I am like "No". Get your own wagon. Well, this man was way older than everyone there and had on like ALL orange and was waving this big pole which he held in a weird, um, slightly inappropriate way with this little orange flag on top.

So Marquis and I walked around and were entertained for a while and as we crossed Sheffield in a meandering way to go back to my car and go home we saw one girl. One girl. By herself. With her sign. It said "Preventing illegal things is not illegal."
She looked Mexican. Marquis was like "EXACTLY." We stopped and talked to her as 2 obnoxious protesters crossed the street and told her to go home and the guy kind of reached for her sign which was taped to the front of her. They told her to go home and what if she was illegal and she should come back from the country she came from and seriously was not making any good sense. She was the lone dissenter. 1. I was like hey buddy where are your friends? She said they were across the street on the other side of the protest. I was so amazed that she came out, by herself, not to support Simcox because she said he was a scumbag bastard and not to decry immigrant or immigration because her family emigrated here legally from the Middle East but to point out that Simcox in all his bastardness was not doing anything illegal by preventing illegal immigration. She felt illegal immigration was wrong. People kept coming up to her and saying stupid stuff and spitting on her. I was confused, they were out there protesting "hate against minorities" and here were some cocky white kids yelling at her to shut up and go home.

Ok lets break this one down: they are protesting so wanting their voices to be heard for what they think is right but wanted her to shut up and go home? As two rowdy people came up on her, Marquis and I divided them up as to which ones to take if they touched her. She was cool, one of the coolest people I have met at DePaul. WHo has the strength to be the only one in a group of a couple hundred to say that they disagree? Publicly. The news channels missed the real story here. And all those protesters need to take a class on free speech and ettiquette of dissenting. C

This is long, so more tomorrow on my views of immigration and how that is exciting.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

why I am not sleeping at 3:20 in the morning

because I am contemplating my safety and reliance on the police to serve me in my time of need. I got off work around ten tonight. I was working in my boyfriend's neighborhood and we had not hung out in a while so I stopped over to chat and get a hug after a long day. We ended up talking and playing on the internet until about 1am and then I headed home. This is later than I usually am out, but not by that much.

I exited the expressway at Bryn Mawr and headed down my usual route down Avondale past the Norwood Park District. Its a semi busy side street running alongside a railroad track. I grew up in this neighborhood with my grandparents. The car in back of me was acting weird. All of sudden it sped up real fast and then turned and swerved into the other lane (would have been oncoming traffic, but there was not traffic) and up into the park field and smack into a light pole. I pulled over and jumped out and was like Oh my goodness are you ok? The guy creeped out his smashed door and was like, " arrumllrkjgnjfg." Then, "he cut me off!" "Who?" I asked. I was the car in front of him and as I stood before him I hoped I was clearly a female.

His car was smashed onto the pole, his tire was decimated and was sunken deep into the muddy field which was still wet from the rain. I was like "Are you ok?" He reeked of liquor. Having worked in a bar for about 6 years, I can tell you this fine fellow was partaking in the whiskey this evening. He was younger than me, probaly around 23 or so I guess. At first, i didnt know what to do, I was in helper mode - like how can I help him? He was trying to push his car out (it was in park) and I offered up the idea of putting it in neutral. He had to climb in from the passenger side. Then he called his friends and slurred to them that they had to come get him and someone cut him off and blah blah blah. I was so confused. It was a straight street, one lane in each way no turn off... Who cut him off and how? I told him he should probaly call a tow truck and he told me I could leave. So I did, but not before I got a super special glimpse of him pissing almost on the side of his car.

Seriously, what the frosted cheerios was he thinking?

As I drove away, I started to get mad. This wanker could have hit me! This wanker could have hit someone else, and killed them. I was mad, infuriated, scared. As I hit the next stop light and I looked in my rearview mirror I saw an undercover cop behind me (M in the license plate) and got out of my car and went up to his. "Are you a cop?" I asked. "Maybe" he said. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
"Oh, ok. Well, funtimes." I said. Then I told him of the situation about two blocks back. He did not seem to give a rats behind. He seriously had NO reaction. "Ok, thanks. The light is green," was basically all I got there. As we drove on, he pulled into a 24 hour food place to my complete horror. So I did what any rational, calm civic minded person would do. I called 911 and drove back to the guy but parked across the field. I wanted to see the cops come for some reason. I thought it would make me feel better or something. I anticipated waiting like 5 minutes. I live in a low crime area, I still have faith in the police, I though a drunk guy hitting a pole would be a high priority, etc. So twenty minutes pass. Seriously yes I sat across the park from this guy for twenty minutes at now almost 2 in the morning after working ten hours. In this twenty minutes, my friend peed again on the grass and his friends came. As they arrived fresh from the club, a girl spilled out of the car and pulled her pants down and peed right there on the grass as other cars drove by and her male friends stood surveying the situation. They tried to push the car out for like ten comical minutes. I got angrier and angrier as the minutes ticked by with no police. At the twenty minute mark, I called 911 back. Seriously, I did. I was like HI I called about a drunken man beaching his car in the park after smashing into a pole like 20 minutes ago and no one has responded. The man assured me they were sending an officer. I was mad, this guy is drunk and driving and way to close to my home, my car, my life. 25,26,27,28,28 minutes no cops. 29 through 39 minutes no cop either. Finally, 41 minutes later a cop arrives. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I left as soon as he pulled up as if I was reassured justice would be served. This is perverse. This accident was about half a block from the fire station and no more than a mile from the police station.

Things I could have done in 41 minutes:

been at home sleeping
physically digested and passed 1 or 1.5 drinks depending on my body weight
(thats from my ServeSafe class)
changed this dope's tire for him
walked to the police station and back
hopped on one foot to the fire station three times

I wonder what the cops were doing for that 41 minutes?

Friday, May 16, 2008

They are speaking, will you listen?

Last night I went to see a presentation at my school entitled Voices from Darfur. It's a national speaking tour with survivors from the genocide in Darfur who have come to America as refugees. It was not well put together, and the announcer guy from the Muslim student group that put it on was not prepared or professional in being the announcer-emcee person. He kept saying "the refugees are late" and "if you have questions for the refugees, then raise your hand" or "here are the refugees." It just sounded weird and offensive, in a way. Maybe the fact that I had a fever and a touch of the stomach flu made it seem worse than it was. I left halfway through the two and half hour presentation because I was so sick, but we had already watched a DVD and heard both speakers talk, so I got a good feel for the situation. I have been keeping aprised of the genocide in Darfur since 2006 and sent out emails with information alot and even tried (unsuccessfully :( ) to start a Darfur students group. I am happy I went but I was so surprised at the small turnout.

The first man was from Darfur, but came here before the genocide began. He runs a native Darfuri organization in Chicago. He gave us a long history of the region and how this genocide has roots back in the 60's and it's a continuing struggle for power that has always been violent. He had a very thick accent and I missed alot of what he said. But he said that the genocide is still going on today, as we speak, as you read this... People are dying. The Sudanese government is killing its people.

The second man was from Darfur also. He came here a few years ago. He spoke of the villages of Darfur and how each village is an entire family, 75-100 people: all related. He is one of 16 children, many of his siblings are married and then have their own children (so you have an idea how it got so big). He left Darfur to go to Khartoum city to go to university, like he said many young men do. In America, we tend to think they are not as formally educated but he said they attend school like grammar and high school. While he was away at college the Sudanese government was responding to the uprising of the agrarian workers (a result of a lack of resources and that they were being inequitably distributed). The government began recruiting the male students to serve in the Janjaweed (army serving the government) and attack the native farming communities. The man who was speaking says he refused since that would mean attacking villagers like his family, and perhaps one day, his family. It was no longer safe for him to stay in the city and he could not travel back to the country to be with his family so he escaped to America. His family's village was attacked and many were killed. He spoke of that last week finally talking to his mom on a cellphone that he sent to her. There are now 50 members of his family living in a single family house in a city in Sudan. He spoke of the Janjaweed shooting his grandma in the face and beating her. He spoke of the fear he has for his family. He spoke of the choices they had to make in a split second- like what child to grab as they run because you cant carry them all. He spoke of his grandma's inability to walk for the days on end and his mother got a donkey but then that made them a huge target because a donkey is hard to hide and loud. (When people hear a donkey coming they just shoot without looking) The rest of the family and neighbors wouldnt walk or sleep by them as they traveled to safety because of this hightened risk of violence, so the mom and grandma were alone with a few other very elderly and slow traveling women in the family. He spoke of his very young nieces and nephews, 4 and 5, having to walk for 7 hours a day because the mom was carrying the younger children. He spoke of his decision to stay in America because over everything they are in need of, they need money the most and he can work for more money here in America. I could see how heart wrenching it was to make that choice for him. He says he works very hard and sends his money back home. He speaks out all the time about Darfur because he says if people know then they would surely act. He writes letters to the government all the time asking the American government to make them stop the genocide. He had a very positive view of Bush and the government here. He says that if the American government took a stronger stand then the Sudanese government would take notice and stop. I felt bad that he seemed to think that somehow the inaction on the governments part here is ignorance, like they arent sure exactly what is going on or something. It really made me sad.

He showed pictures of the aircraft flying over the Darfuri villages and bombing and said they are Russian aircraft. He said the guns and ammunition is supplied by the Chinese. He said the Sudanese government is very close with the CHinese government because Sudan supplies China with oil. I bet if America got its oil from there we would care a hell of alot more.

Both of the speakers spoke very highly of the US government and Bush. I was like WHAT? but then they explained that Bush is the first government to acknowledge and declare the situation a genocide and they are grateful. They said the US sends lots of aid. A girl in the audience said that we should send more, that we send 2/3 of all the aid we give out to Israel. The speakers were quick to defend American government and said they are so appreciative of what Bush has done. I felt they didnt have the whole picture. But maybe they were just so thankful for any show of support. I think we can do alot more. The billion dollars a week spent in that stupid freaking war can go to save innocent people's lives in Darfur. I mean this is another complete Holocaust going on right now! Right now, as you read this more people are being killed by the Sudanese government. And raped. and poisoned. and beaten. WHY? for money. for power. for silence against the atrocities having been committed for years. because of hate and racism. because of classism.

Dare to care. Its hard and people just shut off and turn away. Dont be that person.

Go to and see how you can help. Send emails to people about the situation. Email me and we can talk about it too.
And Pray. alot.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yeeee--haaaa (or Git Along little Doggies --you pick)

(My posts have not been if the usual stuff lately. Not much Jesus, or racial and social bridge building. I am having a bit of a struggle through life lately, I am really fumbling alot and not sure how to make sense of anything. So enjoy these random light nonsensical posts for awhile.)

OK so on my absolute favorite site ( there was a post on christian dating sites or something and it was funny as usual. Light poking fun and lots of sarcasm about them. But in the greatest post was in the comment section where someone posted a link to!!! It is a dating site to meet farmers! This is what the guy who started the site had to say:

"I'm Jerry Miller, founder of There are basically two groups in America. Group one: their lives revolve around four dollar cups of coffee, taxi cabs, blue suits, high heels, conference rooms and getting ahead at all costs in the corporate world. If you fall into this group you're probably on the wrong online dating site. Group two: they enjoy blue skies, wide open spaces, raising animals, appreciating nature and truly understand the meaning of Southern hospitality, even if they don't live in the South."

I am sad I dont fit into either one of these groups. :)

"City folks just don't get it!" haha

"I decided to create an online dating service that's 100% for farmers, ranchers, and those who can relate to the rural and country lifestyle.

Instead of asking what your astrological sign is, at I ask if you raise or breed alpacas, horses, cattle, chickens, dogs, goats, rabbits, sheep, grow crops, or if you're an organic farmer, student farmer, cowboy, cowgirl, or just a farmer wanna be! How many singles sites do that?"

I am definitely loving this. A farmer wannabe? Amazing. I am smiling today because of this site! I was looking at the pictures that the people post on their profile and alot of them incorporate farm animals into their profile picture. Some are posing on a tractor.

I was laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. I only wish my sister was here to look at it with me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good stuff to make me happy on a BAD day

Ok today was a personal bad day. But also a bad day for race relations in America, a bad day to be a police officer, a bad day to be a black man, a bad day to be in Philly. I am referring to the ridiculous video of the police beating in Philadelphia. Hi Rodney King times 3 in 2008. WOW. But this is not my post, thats for tomorrow. Today is random funny things to cheer me and hopefully you.

Ok so seriously? Those fold in side view mirrors? I am seeing them everywhere! A guy jauntily hops out of his SUV on a busy street and beeps his car alarm and then folds in his side mirror before skipping into the eating establishment of his choice. I saw it 2 times yesterday. I also saw a man exit his vehicle and fold in the mirror to walk 10 feet to mail a letter. WOW. As I drive down the busy streets of the Chi, I stalk the parked cars for these collapsable mirrors and laugh and say WHY? Seriously, find the cure for cancer, find an alternative fuel, Make tires that last forever? NO, thats insanity. Lets make side folding mirrors for the drivers side door of large SUV's. Thats the real problem plaguing America and oversized gas guzzling vehicles, the Enormity and street obstruction caused by these pesky side mirrors. I mean, I understand they hang SOOOOO far out in to the street that it is dangerous. I have become so obcessed with this that i measuring my own mirror and how far it hangs out = 7.9 inches. Now here is the real life dilema and resulting pointlessness of the mirror that folds in:

If a car is 7.9 inches from my car which is exactly enough space to hit the mirror, then their side mirror has smashed through my window and caused enough damage that I am not merely missing a handy side mirror anymore. And no two cars line up perfectly that the side mirrors hit each other to rip them off with any frequency. When the mirrors fold in they are still jutting out a bit, lets say 2 to 4 inches which in reality is saving 3-5 inches of space all of which is less than peanuts to the enormous gas loving beasts of SUV's which I have found this mirror phenomenon on.

Ok, Bike riders. Y'all are killing me. I yell at you alot. But if you want to be treated like a car, then act like one. Follow the freaking rules of the road. This does not include weaving through the stopped actual cars during rush hour and running the red light because no cars were coming. This does not include riding onto the sidewalk to avoid traffic back ups. This does not include wearing your IPOD while riding because then you cant hear horns and other people trying to get your attention. This does not include swerving in front of my car from your happy white lined bike lane because there is a pot hole or stick in the road. And wear a helmet. And be careful. Why arent you terrified? Have you seen the maniacs that drive in Chicago? I am scared and I drive a real car. I want to wear a helmet in rush hour traffic on the streets even though I am encased in a pod of steel equipped with seat belts and an air bag. You have zero protection. Pot holes and construction will eat you and your bike. Take the bus.

And people, yes it is spring- soon to be summer in Chicago. Yes, open your windows and let in that fresh air. But remember, our houses are VERY close together in this happy city of 3 million. I can hear you as you yell at your small children all the time and swear at them. I can hear you fight with your husband/wife. I can hear you doing night time things (ew). All of this makes me uncomfortable and now I dont want to say hi to you in the street anymore when we get into our cars.

And finally, the funniest thing today for me was this post on It's my new favorite site. Its an admitted rip off of the stuff white people like site. I cannot relate to all the things this guy talks about because I have not been a Christian all my life and experienced most of these things (orange drink, retreats, etc) but he is so funny and sarcastic and works in some bible verses I just love it. Read it. He posts about 2 a day and they never disappoint in making me laugh. Today was #207 Kicking old ladies in the face for God. Apparently there is a "rad" pastor down in Florida named Todd Bentley and he is a faith healer. God tells him to do things and one of them is kicking old ladies in the face. And leg sweeping rival pastors. Here is actual quotes from Todd Bentley himself:
" I’ve been led to do some crazy looking things in the gift of faith that took real boldness. One time I was in a meeting that was just dead. So I asked God how He wanted to bring a breakthrough. He showed me an older lady right in front of the platform worshipping Jesus and the Lord said to kick her in the face! Unconvinced, I felt to tell the Lord what He already knew: “I have these big biker boots on. You want me to kick this woman in the face?” Clearly I heard God say, “Yes.” So, with no one knowing what was about to happen, I went up to the edge of the platform and BAM my boot went right out at the exact moment that she fell under the power of God. In fact the power of God caused everyone on the platform to get knocked down. There were miracles that followed.

So I asked God, “What was that all about?” The answer was: obedience. "

End quote. WOW. How about another? Ok.

"We had a meeting in a word-faith church; not much was happening. Everyone was wearing a suit and the appearance was ‘real proper.’ I looked around thinking: God, you promised me revival. Immediately I heard God say: “‘Leg-drop’ the pastor.” That’s what He said to me! Meanwhile the pastor was lying on the ground. Then the Lord told me to leap off the platform and just jump in the air and leg-drop him. God, you’ve got to be kidding, I thought. He said, “No! Make it real. I want this to be a real leg-drop.” him. God, you’ve got to be kidding, I thought. He said, “No! Make it real. I want this to be a real leg-drop.”

Is it wrong to want to have been there for that? I have wanted to leg drop a few pastors in my day but I just havent gone through with it. And if I had, I would not have had the guts to chalk it up to divine inspiration.

So laugh with me. Its been a bad bad bad day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dont tread on me

Last week I was exiting the expressway and waiting at the Fullerton stoplight. There was a car right next to me and both of our windows were down. I heard all this rustling and looked over as this man threw a mcDonalds bag, drink cup and some paper nonchalantly out his window. Its not like we were driving which would not make it ok, but at least you are moving and leaving the evidence in a hurry. His garbage just plopped down right in the middle of the exit ramp. Since our windows were down and we were right next to each other I said "Hey." He looked over and was like "How you doin?" I was like, "Cool. Cool. But hey, um, you dropped something" and then pointed to the mound of garbage. He looked at me like I just slapped his momma. He called me a bitch and flicked me off. I started laughing, really laughing. What a stupid response! Then as we drove away he swerved slightly into my lane and was like I will show her! Seriously, I was amused. (one of my favorite things in a sick sort of way is when people flick other people off while driving. I dont know why but something about flicking off someone you dont know as you speed past them makes me laugh. I mean, are you really that mad? Like f*&^$ me because I didnt see your turn signal and let you in? Or you are enraged because I am going too slow? I drive a Toyota Camry!! Cut me some slack! I definitely have done this a sparse few times and as SOON as I have done that, I laugh hysterically. Chicago driving. It gets the best of us)

So yesterday I was walking to class at like 515 pm. It was kind of windy and there was a guy in front of me walking and cleaning out his wallet. He was flicking all the cards and papers he didnt need behind him as he walked. THey were hitting me in the legs as I walked. So I collected the old CTA passes and receipts and paper cards he littered and when he was done I tapped him on the shoulder and handed them all back to him. He was confused at first, he said no, thank you but I meant to throw those down. He thought that I thought he accidentally dropped them. I was smiling super big and then he realized and started laughing and was like alright, you got me. I said I can throw those away for you if you like? Then I pointed to the 90 million garbage cans on the posts all around us on campus. We both laughed pretty hard and then I walked away to class. Before I entered the building I turned around to see him throwing it all away in the garbage. I make myself laugh sometimes, and today I made someone else laugh too. And I saved the earth. Very productive day.

Friday, May 2, 2008

NO title here

i have no title. I dont really have much of a post either. I am not sure what to say about the whole Obama Wright thing except thats sad. How much would that hurt more to have to break with a friend in the public arena? TO lose a friend hurts very much, to lose a pastor you have had for half a lifetime must be excruciating. I think the best course of action for us all to take is none. To leave these men to the difficult task of dealing with their hurt. I am sad that Obama is "losing momentum" in his campaign and I will pray for him. It must be tiresome to have to fight so much and debate so much and be critiqued so much. I think he is a decent man who wants good things for all people in this country. Its sad that fact alone makes people skeptical. Its sad that race factors so much into this campaign and everything else in America and elsewhere, it factors in so much more than we will ever know and in ways we cannot identify. I am tired of identifying it, honestly. Fortunately, being white I do have the choice to retreat to my "white" world and ignore these racial problems. But I wont. I never do. But having that choice and not making that choice makes all the difference in the world and keeps me fighting for love and rightousness.