Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hope you have a crappy Christmas.

My mom refuses presents on Christmas.
We used to be so mad and like "Oh Mom!Please!"
We would wrap up presents with birthday paper and put tags on the gifts that said Happy Arbor Day instead. She always said that Christmas wasnt about presents. We just thought it was another one of those things Mom is doing again.

but she was right. And it totally caught on in the family here in Chicago a few years ago. Even before I was a Christian....

Is there a better example of the perversion of man and sinfulness of the world than Christmas?
The reason for Christmas is Jesus and his birth.
Somehow, it has been turned into a season of joy or a Holiday season. A time for being with family? Christmas trees? Where did Santa come in, was he a take off on one of the wise men? Reindeer? (I like animals so I wont hate too much on them) Lights, ornaments, trees, presents, wrapping paper and bows. Elaborate Christmas parties with fancy outfits and food and drinking. Holiday songs about mistletoe and elves. And money. So much money.

I read of a mob at a Walmart this year. People fighting over each other to get to a sale item. A man was killed in the melee. He was an employee. Also, a pregnant woman miscarried due to the hustle and bustle and getting so knocked around. How did it come to this?
I worked at Kohls one christmas season for extra money. It was the year of the tickle me elmo. Grown women fought over this stupid red toy that I hated. It vibrated and laughed so creepy. I remember seeing the hate and envy and greed that year. Now during the holidays I wrap presents for wealthier families for extra cash that helps me eek out a living. They purchase so many presents that they cant wrap them all so I come and help. I wrapped over 300 presents last year. I am a pro.


A pastor of an affluent church was apparently overcome by the godlessness in Christmas everywhere but in his church as well. He spread manure all over the floor of the sanctuary and when people came in on Sunday it smelled horrible. He was like No, THIS is Christmas. This is what it is so you come in and sit here with me and we remember.

God came to earth as a human, a baby and was so unimportant to us that he could find nowhere to be born but a barn.
That is what it smelled like in there. It wasnt all warm and glowy and mary wearing a blue robe and joseph with his staff and cuddly lamby watching. It was poop and filth and no medicine and pretty hospital and luxury.
That was the first thing Jesus did that for us and we take his birthday and turn it into a shop a pallooza.

I feel sick.

And people get upset when we talk about an angry God.

Crappy Christmas....Get it.
Remember how jesus was born and celebrate the right things this year.

I pray that I am able to more fully share this message with my family and everyone I come into contact with.
For Christmas this year, I wish my family would really pray together.


Just Meee~ said...

PRAYER... can be incorporated into a daily "thought life," in which one is in constant communication with GOD. Some people pray throughout all that is happening during the day and seek guidance as the day progresses.

Praying with your family - but don't we do that all the time when we act in the glory of GOD... have patience with one another and respect for each other? ! ! ! !

Sarah said...

well, Just meee, my family never REALLY prays together. I think that may be the root of our dysfunctionality. So much pride and anger avails, especially at the holidays.

Yes, I agree with you that your actions can be glorifying to God but to bow together as a family and request the blessings of God in your actions and really thank him for his provisions is something we never do. Everyone in my family is not a Christian. And even those of us who are do not always act that way.

Simon said...

I agree with you on the commercialisation of Christmas and greed being bad, but remember that not everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus this time of year. Many Christmas traditions come from early Pagan festivals celebrating the winter season, so dedicating the season to family and loved ones is very apt for some. Jesus was not born in December, and the original thing people celebrated in western cultures this time of year was not the birth of Christ but the winter solstice.

Also recall that Jesus was presented with gifts (gold, frankincense, myrrh) in the accounts of his birth in the New Testament. Gift giving during winter could also have secular roots. During the hard winter months, it was not uncommon for the wealthy land owners to give gifts of food to peasants. Finally, bear in mind that in most western nations, capitalism is king, and present buying is a natural result of that.

For me, the whole purpose of this time of year is to spend time with loved ones.

But, I agree with you - if you are Christian and you celebrate Christmas, it's probably good to remember the real reasons you are celebrating. People like to pick-and-choose from various cultures/religions, though.

Marquis said...

This might be a tad bit late but Sarah you are absolutely correct. I love pastor that do the outrageous to drive home a point. The idea of Christmas and Jesus birth couldn't be so much far apart as it is now. Simon you said that a lot of Christmas traditions have pagan roots in celebration of the Winter Solstice, I wouldn't argue that point with you, but those are the traditions that were (sadly) added not the original cause.