Friday, October 2, 2009

lord of the flies.....

But the 1980s crack era and Reagan administration reversals of many of those very minimal gains [civil rights] destroyed the fabric of our communities, ripped apart families, and, all these years later, has left a generation of young people, male and female alike, living their own versions of William Golding's Lord of The Flies. If you think I am exaggerating, then simply Google the video of the Derrion Albert beatdown. Only people who have lost all hope, who have no sense of spirituality and the preciousness of human life, would resort to this kind of savagery, the pummeling or shooting of each other until death is there, sprawled on the ground, blood gushing from the head, as was the case with young Derrion.

---Kevin Powell

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“Educate or Die” - The Fate of Black America

By Phillip Jackson

The fate of Black America is simply “Educate or Die!” Government programs are ratcheting down, foundations are refusing to fund our causes, the media ignores our cries for help and the disorganized Black civil rights movement is impotent. At an accelerating pace, Black America is moving towards the precipice of non-relevance and non-existence in the new global world. This has created an undeclared state of emergency in the Black community without an adequate response from the Black community or the American government.

There is a sense hopelessness and powerlessness that permeates most Black communities in America. Just when we thought that only our Black boys and Black men were at risk, we now learn that our Black girls and Black women are also in grave danger. As a result, the future existence of the Black family and Black community as we know them is in jeopardy. These and other circumstances have catapulted Black America into the state of “Educate or Die!” and there are only two ways to leave this state, either use education to advance our race or die.