Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a ho is more than a garden tool

I like hip hop just as much as anyone else. A constant struggle I have is thoroughly enjoying songs that not only do not give glory to God in any way, but these songs also many times defile His creations and elicit sinful activities. BUT those beats are just killing and I can't deny it. I especially love the songs that talk about or have super simple dance steps that sweep the nation as a new dance craze like lean with it rock with it, walk it out, laffy taffy, you get it? Alot of times with this genre of music, I never buy the CD or anything i just hear it on WGCI/the radio where they censor out some of the particularly offensive words which doesnt always give me the entire picture of what the artist is saying. And some lyrics that seem blatantly obvious to others, escape me. SO ok, the Superman Song by Soldier Boy? Everyone and their mother likes this song. It's EVERYWHERE! Even Regis and Kelly had the artist Soldier Boy on and he performed live after teaching them the dance that goes to his song. They pulled up children and old people from the audience to participate and be back up dancers. Some college bball coach made a video of himself doing the "soldier boy" dance. An advanced ballet class filled with young dancers performed a en pointe routine to this song and posted it on youtube. All these previously mentioned videos are available on YOU TUBE as are like 73 million others.
Am I taking crazy pills? This song is saying "crank that soldier boy, superman that Ho."
I am not going to disclose here exactly what a superman is, email if you need clarification (please don't :) ), but it is a seriously disgusting and demeaning sexual act. I cant believe that all these people are dancing to this song like it's the theme to the Mickey Mouse club or something.
I think that we are so oversexualized in America that we just think this is no big deal. This has been on my mind lately and I am shocked, so blown away, that everyone is getting down to this song with the kids.

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