Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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I have been searching for a new church lately. I have been very aware of my neccesity for a group to be a part of. I feel a sense of loneliness, and want to fill this void with people that will assist me in my deep yearning to come closer to Christ. I don't want a trendy church, I want a sound doctrine and a preacher who is not afraid to tell me how it is. In my last church I just never felt comfortable. I kept pushing that feeling away and thought that was just me being hard ans scared, but the truth was that church was not a good fit for me. I attended this new church about two weeks ago and then again this week and I really like it. My first week there I filled out a welcome card and about two days later someone actually called me! They left a voicemail with a number and an email address to get in touch. Being me, of course I did not call back, my mind was busy and I just didn't get to it. I also was not sold on this new church and I didn't really want to chat unless I was sure I wanted to go there on a more regular basis. I received an email the next day inquiring about my visit to the church and asking if I had any needs or prayer requests. Then, I received a letter from the pastor in the mail personally inviting me to attend another service and learn more followed my a personal handwritten card from another lady in the church letting me know she was praying for me. Still I did not call or contact them. Then, I received a second phone call and second email. I responded to the email and have been in contact with the lady in charge of women's ministry ever since. I was floored by their interest in me and felt special. I am excited to attend further services and see how I continue to grow at this new church possibly my new church home. Their care and attention to me from the moment they knew that I had visited really won me over and endeared me to the congregation. I am scared a little to get to know people there, as I always am, but also maybe a little hopeful that I can come into contact with some Christ loving examples who I can learn from.

As I drove to school last week, the traffic was very heavy on the expressway. I always pass this enormous gray church with a steep slanting roof that comes to a total point on the top. Hundreds upon hundreds of pigeons perch there and it looks funny because you wonder how they all sit there and not slide off. Now having read a fair share of books on ornithology (the study of birds) I know they are sitting there warming themselves in the morning and getting their body temps up by basking in the sun. But, they all seem to huddle together and my mind was in a dreamy mood. I daydreamed about those birds and thought of how they all liked to come together and sit on the church and be in communion with the Lord. How they always seemed to return to the spot to be with each other and enjoy the sunlight that shone on this House of God. As more and more birds landed in the roof and they all adjusted to make room, I thought about how this was like the idea of church in a way. People coming together to celebrate life and warm ourselves in this cold world with God's love. It is people choosing to come together. The birds could have landed anywhere but they choose to crowd onto this roof. That is what I want in a church, I want to choose to go there and love the people there. It just seemed lacking something in my old church. I was very disappointed and broken hearted when I did not feel spiritually content in the first church I found.

There is this gospel song I love and at one point the man talks softly over the music. His voice is calming and he speaks of church. He says "Salvation can be yours. Don't wait, tomorrow isnt promised to you. You can have salvation today-------now wont you come." I love that part where I feel he is inviting, but thats not the most important church part, he goes on to say "There is no perfect church. If there is a perfect church, it stopped being perfect when you and I walked through the doors.... but there is perfect God."

I am not looking for perfection, just somewhere to belong with other dedicated followers of Christ.

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