Saturday, June 7, 2008

Break broke broken

I saw this sentence awhile ago on Kevin Gwins blog, I think: Broken things break things.
It messed me up to think about the serious and utter obvious truth up in that.

broken things break things.
Breaking things is a result of brokennes
brokeness is from breaking
broke attracts broke resulting in more breaking and brokeness

What fixes it all? Love. Specifically, Jesus' love.

But when you are so broken, its hard to access that.
Being broken is apart from God, and the answer is to seek God.
But being broken is the opposite of that, and when you are broken you dont see it or you cant get it --- Thats why you are broken.

you are broken, so you break more.

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Marquis said...

Being broken is a double-edge sword. Broken is apart from God but also could be the way to get closest to God.