Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Olympics

I like sports. I do. I played sports; gymnastics, baseball, cheerleading (its a sport), swimming, one year of basketball (i sucked it up), I even was on track for half a year in high school.

I usually like the Olympics, summer ones especially for the swimming and gymnastics.

I will NOT watch this year.

The games are in China, who has been proven to be supporting and supplying the Government in Darfur with money and tons of guns and ammunitions. The Sudan supplies China with all of its oil. Neither side is shy about this partnership, its common knowledge. The genocide in Darfur, perpetrated by the government against its people, is also common knowledge.

Besides the act of supplying the Janjaweed with tools with which to slaughter millions of people, there are countless human rights violations in Beijing and other areas of China.

I like sports and recreational activities, I support them, I enjoy them, I relish in them. Wheeeee.

But not more than I like life, and morality and what's obviously right. ANd supporting the Olympics this summer is not right. Can we look the other way and celebrate health and sports and fun while their is a genocide going on?

This would be like having Germany hold the Olympics during the Holocaust. That would have been ridiculous. This isnt different. Why do we need to have years elaspsed since an event such as a mass genocide to understand its consequences or ramification? Why does it take so long to get a conscience?

This is wrong. China is making the genocide possible. Now we just want to hang out and watch them host the Olympics which is a display of countries coming together anr exhibiting sportsmanship and good conduct and sport prowess. Its a symbol of freedom and globalization and unity. It an attempt for the world to all get along and drink Coca Cola.

I am boycotting the Olympics.

Go to and see whats up there.

Seriously, dont wait years to look back and think you should have done something. Answer back now.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
--MLK from Birmingham jail


Meridith said...

Actually, Germany did host the Summer Olympics in 1936 in Berlin. Adolph Hitler was attempting to use the games to showcase his Nazi Germany, but Jesse Owens, an African-American track & field athlete put Hitler in his place by winning four gold medals that year.

Anonymous said...

I understand your anger towards the Chinese Government for supplying weapons and aiding in the genocide going on now, but what we have to realize is this...

These athletes have worked for years to get to be where they are this year and this opportunity should not be taken away from them. FInally, they made it- this is their stage. WE shouldnt use this time to stage a political battle and shun China for its role... but rather use it as a platform to open the worlds eyes to what is going on and ask China to join in with us in the fight against it.

There are some groups that are using the games as a stage to fight. Why not use the games as a stage to raise awareness and give China the opportunity to change their way and help save Darfur.

Aid Still Required is a group dedicated to raising awareness without a political stand. They feel that we should all work together to bring it to an end. Why not go over to China, and instead of attacking their government ask for their help.

Check out their site- see what they are doing to make a difference and help rebuild in the aftermath of a crisis. Its inspiring work.