Monday, June 2, 2008


So I got accepted to a program at DePaul University. Its called the Trio program. It is for first generation college students from low income families. I had to be interviewed to see if I have an "at risk" profile. I do. That doesnt make me feel any better. When one of the ladies met with me to tell me I was accepted, she added that I am the only white student in the program. Apparently they will help me finish school. Its funny and I have never really admitted this before I was talking to the lady in the program, but I dont see myself finishing college. Dont get me wrong, I want to so bad but it seems like an unrealistic goal or expectation for me. I dream, big dreams alot, but thats what they seem to be: dreams. I told the lady that and she just looked at me, she said that was sad. I think it hurt to realize that. I am a junior now, so that means 2 more years. Thats a long time to be in this same place physically, financially, speaking.


blaise said...


FINISH SCHOOL!!! It's worth it :)

BTW, I posted.


Meridith said...

Press on ~ you can do it! My one regret in life is that I did not finish college. (I got way-in over my head in credit card debit and applied too-late for financial aid during my third year). Remember, this is just a season in your life.

Meridith said...

Press on - you can do it! My one regret in life is that I did not finish college. I got way-in over my head in credit card debt and applied too late for financial aid during my third year. Remember, this is just a season in your life.

Shlomo said...


Hi Sarah,

I was sad too when I read your post about fearing that you might not finish school. If you have the support from family or friends or both that's great. I would encourage you to go for it. I got sort of sidetracked when I was young, by both a rebellious idealism and a mix of laziness and self doubt. I don't regret the choices I made in terms of education, but I no longer encourage others to follow my path. Surely the LORD is able to provide for our needs in a variety of ways, but I think that we should be good stewarts and not put Him to the test either. (In a way that's close to what I did, so don't think I am judging you in any way.)



jenn said...

I know you won't be surprised to hear me say this. YES, FINISH!!!!!!

Just think, if you quit, in 2 years you'll STILL be 30. Just without a degree instead of with one. If you quit, in 2 years can you see what your life will be like? Will it be better than now?

It is so totally worth it, both in your sense of accomplishment and where you can go with it. It won't change your life completely and open every door you want, but it opens a few doors just a crack, which is all you need. Just think of it as not being an option, even tho you're struggling so hard. Make that struggle mean something, you've come so far!

I make this promise to you: When you graduate, I will pay your way out here to Colo. (either plane or train) so we can throw a big party in your honor. Like you deserve. It's not much (I'm sure a scholarship is more in line with what you need), but it's what I can do. Hope that helps...