Thursday, November 29, 2007


I wrote in my headline thingy that I post alot. I apparently lied, because I have not posted in a long while. My pants are clearly on fire.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was one of my favorites in my lifetime. The table was so crowded her at the Murphy's, that we had to attach a card table to the end of the huge dining room table. There was twelve in all here. It was the first time my boyfriend joined us for a holiday and it could not have gone more wonderfully. My cousin and her new husband drove in from Colorado and we had a great visit. A new family friend, Basile, was also one of our guests this year. I complained so much to my gma the days leading up to the holiday because Thanksgiving is definitely my least favorite holiday of all. I am horrified by the turkey and the resulting using of the bird's dead carcass/body cavity to serve as on oven to cook the equally repugnant stuffing. Last year, I almost passed out when I entered the kitchen to find my little tiny gma almost shoulder deep in the ridiculously enormous turkey body, packing it full of stuffing where all its organs used to be. Then, I had to choke back vomit as she sewed its' former anus closed. This year she got 2 smaller birds and I avoided the kitchen like it was on fire. But for all my complaining and pre-emptive loathing, I enjoyed myself immensely. The contempt I feel for large gatherings and turkey was further complicated by the fact that due to a severe ear infection I had lost something like 80% of my hearing. I could hear talking but making out the words was nearly impossible. I missed many of the jokes, and was the butt of a few more I am sure. My uncle Bobby got a huge kick out of screaming in my face and then asking if I could hear him now? Marquis served as a translator for many of the ongoing conversations. Once, I thought my cousin was discussing porn in the living room and was visibly shocked at her candor. I went on to find out she was in fact discussing, CORN. The best part was my gma actually misunderstood her as well! The Lord delivered a much needed peace and joy unto my house that day and a many different people came together for a satisfying meal.

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