Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Some words and things I have just had it up to here with:

1. Changing-time for a change-vote for change-ready for a change-I promise change.
OK, enough. We all want change. Its the new buzz word. It is the new "read my lips no new taxes." Everyone wants a change from Bush.

2. Emergent-emerging church-emerging women-

To emerge: 1. to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity: a ghost emerging from the grave; a ship emerging from the fog.
2. to rise or come forth from or as if from water or other liquid.
3. to come up or arise, as a question or difficulty.
4. to come into existence; develop.
5. to rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition

(I love

the church has been around for awhile. Women have been around for a while. Stop it already. Please. Thats like calling bottled water emerging. yes its been around awhile but now we package it and sell it so that makes it different, its emerging water. I am going to punch myself in the face.

I am also so sick of Snow that I seriously may lose my mind. Every couple of days, we are getting like 6 inches or more of snow. IF I have to shovel my car out one more time, I may cry. (yes I am lucky to have a car, I KNOW)I am sick of the noise the shovel makes as it hits the pavement, I am sick of the sliding noise the car makes as it gets stuck again in the snow, I am sick of the noise the snowplow makes at 3 in the morning as it plows the street but effectiely buries my car in a mound of filthy snow.I am sick f wearing sopping wet boots in class. I sick of the dog not wanting to go to the bathroom because the snow is too deep. I am tired of snow and cold and dreary. I am going to punch that furry groundhog that said more winter.


Aaron said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,...

Nice! This brought joy to my soul. Especially the whole emerging thing. Keep it up!

Grace and Peace,

Aaron said...

By the way (for the second time) take off the comment block so we can dialogue without you policing my comments. (smile:))