Monday, February 11, 2008

Get busy.

Two guys are talking to each other, and one of them says he has a question for God. He wants to ask why God allows all this poverty and war and suffering to exist in the world. And his friend says "well, why don't you ask?" The fellow shakes his head and says he is scared. When his friend asks why, he mutters "I'm scared God will ask me the same question."
Over and over, when I ask God why all of these injustices are allowed to exist in the world, I can feel the Spirit whisper to me, "you tell me why we allow this to happen. You are my body, my hands, my feet."

~ The Irresistable Revolution
by Shane Claibourne

I never read this book, nor am I familiar with the author. But this is truth, plain and clear.
I had this conversation lately and it has been plaguing me. I don't argue theology or compare bible verses often. But this person I spoke with recently claimed that we are promised peace on this earth. I disagreed vehemently, and still do. I am not strong in memorizing bible verses ( I wasnt't "Lucky" enough to attend bible college) nor do I sit around and read tons of those soft, mushy Christian authors who spew forth their fluffy meandering ideas about what we should be doing. I get out there, in those streets, and try to do. I read about areas in the world that are broken. I study the city to try to learn about how to work for those that haven't a voice. I see the brokeness first hand and it tears me up inside. I barely do, though. I could do more, with the armor of Christ, to love and be His hands and feet in a dirty, sinful world. Being a part of this broken decimated world, it is hard to hold onto peace and goodness and light especially if you are trying to be a light in dark places. I believe that to be in community with people you don't set yourself apart, you feel their pain and work with them. Christ's peace is found in that, seeing Him restore you so you can love and work for another day. I said once that the life of a Christian is hard and I stand by that. It's about going to where there is hell, and helping to build his kingdom on earth. A little less sitting around, chit chatting with the ladies and reading about how to be a better and more effective Christian, get off it and ACT.

Earth isn't a super special vacation. Our reward is heaven.

I have studied and memorized enough of the Bible to understand and recapitulate here that we are not saved by works. We are saved by our faith. But doesn't that faith breed love? and that love breed a Godly desire for justice and mercy? So logically, I would think that would lead us to action.


Noel Edwin Cisneros Ritter said...

Great thoughts, also a great book if you have the time, one of the most inspiring I have read.

Marquis said...

I will have to peacefully disagree with the statement by Shane. I think the Scriptures teach that these things happen because men are evil in their very nature and that evil happens because of that.

Concerning peace as far as here on Earth, If anyone wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus they will suffer.