Friday, February 8, 2008


I am pissed. Seriously, pissed off. What a freaking day I have had.
-I woke up with an eye infection.
-It continued with missing my appointment with my Spanish tutor early this morning. We got a ridiculous ammount of snow and as I went out to shovel my car out again, my neighbor who drives an unexceptably large conversion van was stuck in the snow. My grandma was yelling for me to come in the house because she didnt want the neighbors to see me out in the street in my white pajama pants with pink chairs on them. I didnt want to wear my pants out because they would get full of snow. So two of the other neighbors and I pushed her unacceptably large van ( I mean she has no kids or large farm animals that she is carting around in this vehicle, she is not a construction worker so she is not hauling anything, what's the point?)out of the hole she burned my flooring the gas pedal (apparently she did not read arloa sutter's recent post about this ( Good think I did not have my jeans on becuase I was covered in splattered dirty snow. Then all the neighbors left for work and the block was empty. I got into my car, and realized I was stuck really really badly.
-SO, it was so late already and as I came in the house to catch my breath I see on the TV that the Kennedy expressway is so backed up the travel time was like an hour and half.

I gave up. I went back to bed.

-I got up later and got another poor neighbor to drive my car while I pushed that bad boy out of the snow. I jammed my wrist to high heaven and hurt my back.
-I went to school. I didn't do well on my Spanish test. No more open tutors this week.
-I was supposed to begin a nanny job today that would last the weekend. Alot of money to fix my car and take my cat to the vet and help out a friend in need. I needed it. I was planning on it. I spent about an hour doing laundry and packing for the 4 day weekend away from home. I turned down 3 other jobs for this weekend. The grandma called me and the youngest kid has strep throat and she doesnt feel comfortable leaving them alone with a nanny now.
-So I decide to visit a friend in the city I haven't seen for a while. I get to their house and a car is stuck in the snow and we push it out, further hurting my wrist.
I get home way too late from hanging out.
I feel discouraged about a couple things but am holding on.
-I open my email to find a response from someone I have really been struggling to connect with. Their response really hurt me like I haven't opened myself up to be hurt in a good, long time.

It was just the last straw on a really long, hard day.
My back hurts, my wrist hurts, my eyes hurt and are causing an awful headache but most of all right now my heart hurts and I can't get to sleep. The tears fall and I just keep wondering Why is it the people you think will be there for you, the ones that you really trust to see you, are the first ones to go when things get rough?

I had a bad day today. If only I could let it all go and get some rest, I could put hope in tomorrow.

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Aaron said...

ouch is right! Nothing i can say to make you feel better so I will not even try. Life is sh***y sometimes:)
Hope tomorrow is better!