Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I can see clearly now

My uncle died today. Actually, it is my Grandma's brother so my great uncle, Uncle Harry died this morning.

In June, my grandpa will be gone five years. I love him immensely. More than any other man, he raised me as his own in the absence of my father. His birthday is tomorrow, March 6th. My gma and gpa were married for 57 years. She misses him everyday, and we talk about it often.

THis week with the loss of her brother and the bday of her deceased husband and best friend looming, we had alot of talks and reminiscing. She told me a story that was so amazing I have to share.

My grandpa was losing his eyesight slowly but surely. Cataracts/glaucoma and age was just wearing down his vision at a rapid rate. He visited many doctors and my gma administered medicated eye drops daily. My gma was saddened by his failing eye sight and wanted to do something to help. She sought medical advice and was assured it could be done, then approached my gpa. "I want to give you one of my eyes," she told my gpa. He wouldn't hear of it. She went on to explain, "You are my navigator in life, you help me find my way. IF you can't see and lead us, then we are both lost." He refused and the matter was eventually dropped. SHe would have gone through the rest of life with one eye, so my gpa could have sight.

Is there a more obvious example of love (aside from Jesus dying for us)? She had 2, he would have none so why not share with him? She is an amazing little lady that i can learn alot more from about giving of myself. I think we all could.


Kim said...

oh waaaaah :_( sniff

Anonymous said...

...and the greatest of these is LOVE !

Meridith said...

I'm sorry to read of your great uncle's passing. Your post is a touching story of love (and willing sacrifice).

I'm also writing to follow up on a comment I just read today that you left on Pastor Steve's blog from ABC a few weeks ago. You had mentioned that you had recently attended Armitage and were interested in the women's dept., etc. I wasn't sure if Steve was able to touch base with you; so, if you're still looking for info, please feel free to shoot me an email (