Monday, March 17, 2008

Sarah MaryCatherine Murphy celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a blog.

Today is St. Patrick's day. Not many people know he was responsible for bringing Catholicism to Ireland. My grandma's family is from Country Cork just west of the St. Patrick's bridge. SO today before I left the house my grandma made me go change because I had no green on.She said, "I thought you were proud to be Irish?" I said "I am but how does wearing green fit into that?" So now I have a green shirt on and a green scarf. I made my friend Mariko and my boyfriend wear a green shamrock sticker. My grandma has a green shirt on, green pins and she bobby pinned green shamrock's into her hair. CUte. I went to pick up my boyfriend from work today which in Wrigleyville. I saw a bunch of white people being idiots and being drunk at 2 pm. I mean people wearing the flag of Ireland, huge guiness hats, shirts that request sexual favors on account of the irishness of the wearer( %^$#!** me I am Irish), and scantily green clad girls running around in the cold weather and lots of other stupid pseudo Irish attire. OK. So I just want to point out that they DO NOT even celebrate St. Patrick's day in Ireland. I am willing to bet ten dollars (enough for 2 or 3 specially prices Guinesses) that St. Patrick is not thrilled with this American legacy of getting so hammered you puke up green stuff all over Chicago. And i saw some people I am pretty sure were not Irish decked out head to toe in green. My boyfriend, who is not Irish, was confused as to why we in America and Chicago especially, freak out so much about St. Patrick's day and everyone gets hammered. I really had no explanation. I mean, i am super Irish and I have Irishy attributes like I have green eyes and right now my hair is redish (thanks Clairol) and I can knock back a few like it is my job (I don't anymore, Jesus asked me to stop). And it's true that Irish women are super duper fiesty, I will concede to that. Most of the times my family parties include alcohol and we fight alot. Lots of the male members of my family were firemen and policemen. My grandma used to dye the mashed potatoes green on St. Patrick's day when we were little. But I mean, that's about it. My gma's house has Irishy things like a blanket with a shamrock and an Irish prayer hanging but we are basically just white.SO was everyone else we say whooping it up downtown on March 17th. The oppression the Irish immigrants felt do not really have any lingering affects today. Check out this link and see today's post. This website makes me laugh out loud everyday. I especially love the angry posts they get calling them racist. Good fun for all.

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Simon said...

Ha ha, I read that as "Not many people know he was responsible for bringing ALCOHOLISM to Ireland"

Sorry to disrespect your ancestors... :o)