Friday, May 30, 2008

Kick bricks.

I never did get around to writing about my feelings on immigration.

I can only look at it from one point of view: Loving all people as Christ would want me to.

From that viewpoint, its not really an issue any further. I love people and that makes me not want them to suffer. Loving people makes me want to give them what they need. Loving people makes me want to sacrifice what I have.

I dont care about borders and political systems and all that noise with this issue. I mean, I appreciate the way i am able to live in America. I am blessed, so fortunate to have been born here as opposed to being born in a war torn, 3rd world country. I had no hand in that and all thanks belongs to the Lord for blessing me with being born with abundant resources that America offers (food, house, opportunities for education, limited oppression as a woman, freedom of religion especially to practice Christianity). The Lord blessed me with all this- how can I say I am better than others or more suited to live here than those that need to come here or even want to come here? Most people from other countries that come here that I have worked with or met, came here out of necesity; to support their families back home. They arent here because America is more fun or because they want to topple the government.

I get emails from certain members of my family saying that because of Mexicans specifically, the school system and health systems are toppling and that it sucks to pay taxes and have others benefit from that. It could be THE most selfish thing I know of to not allow starving and threatened people into our safe and food rich country. I throw away more food a day than people in other countries probaly get in a week. Its sick and twisted.

Ok so not only is it selfish, and some people read my blog that arent best friends with Jesus- for that sake I will just say its morally despicable to deny others a chance to eat, live, support their families, basically NOT DIE because we are afraid of not living as well off.

Let's redefine necessity for a second.
Right, so we want our kids to go to freaking Harvard and drive too big cars and other people just want their kids to eat and not die.

I mean when you put things into real life and death perspective, this whole immigration thing is not really an actual issue of what to do. It's what not to do: Dont bar people from coming into our country who need food and help to survive.

"But oh we send so much aid there."
Right but um, its not getting to everyone that needs it. So what are we saying, stay there and suffer war, disease, hunger, famine, genocide because we sent 25 dollars to some fund this month?

"Why dont all those people who want to come here go home and make their countries better?"
wow, great point but that takes time. And the poor people dont always have food let alone guns, weapons of mass destruction, military mobilization, etc. How do you fight the Taliban if you are hungry? Our freaking troops cant even find them, let alone fight them and they have lots of resources. And Mexico? even the police are corrupt there. Who do you call to help you? We dump all our garbage there across the border, what message is that sending to the people?

It just seems so freaking OBVIOUS. We have the room. We have the resources.

Have you seen Winnetka lately? Each house there can take half of a small country and feed and shelter them. I am going a little overboard but cmon. People are dying and suffering so we can hang out comfortably. Thats wrong no matter who and what you believe in.

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