Friday, September 19, 2008



This picture was taken by a woman named Frannie Boehnlein. She attends DePaul University and is my facebook friend. I don't know her except seeing her perform a few times in the Gospel Choir, but this is her picture. It is so disturbing to me, on many of levels. This is a picture she took while protesting at the Republican National Convention. I am troubled that this is police, confronting citizens as they voice their opinions on Bush, Republicans, the War and other issues in Minneapolis. I wanted to share this. I cant really vocalize clearly the violence and fear this picture speaks to me and how extensively I question the notion of freedom that we hold so dear and personal as American.


KG said...

I know that the picture says something to us all.

I feel that it communicates part of the unfortunate fact that people will often go to extremes about their politics and so government knows to be prepared for such because this has shown itself to be true.

I would assume that you could have taken similar pictures in Denver at the Democratic Convention for people who were there to protest.

I'm wondering, would the same picture have bothered you so much if that were the location of it?

Sarah said...


i think it would bother me. I am not a specifically a Democrat. I agree with issues from both sides often times so I find it hard to pick a political party to throw my weight 100% behind . (But I do like Barack this time, which I think is why you thought this perhaps)

I understand the implications of the protests that have turned violent at various other political arenas and conventions (1967)but I wonder if having the police presenting that way influences the officers to act according. I was shocked by the broom handles, the knee guards and the face shields. Also, those plastic rings for use as handcuffs. I wonder if the police would present the same way at the Democratic convention, with the different population of would be protesters.

I am never in support of violence. Ever. This picture did not speak party lines or political division so much as just fear and intimidation.

Do you not support going to extremes about politics when your very life is in other people's hands at the decisions they make? I saw other pictures of this protest and a common theme was protesting Bush and what he has done. It was a little odd there, because I thought it was more about McCain but I identify with being unhappy about the image of our country that Bush has put forth. As an American citizen, that image is transposed to me. That fact is enough to make me pick up a sign and march.

KG said...

I guess it depends on what you mean by "going to extremes about politics". I think that protest is good. I think that making your voice heard can be helpful. I question the destruction of property or the rhetoric of anger and rage or other more extreme measures.

Personally, although I plan to vote, I put very little faith in political systems. As I try to decide who to vote for, neither candidate is even close to representing my beliefs. As a result, I must pick issues to prioritizes and then sacrifice other principals as a result. All along knowing that little will change.

Politics interests me a lot, but I don't find a great deal of value investing a lot of time into the process. I am way off topic now so I will stop.