Friday, September 5, 2008

Stop killing people


125 people shot dead in Chicago over the summer.

That's approximately twice the US Troop death toll in Iraq (65) for the summer.
approximately 247 people were shot and just wounded.

I plan to mull this over for awhile but my first thoughts include:
War. Chicago is worse than a war zone, perhaps we should bring our troops home and deploy them into Chicago to work on peaceful conflict resolution here. Maybe?

And I am just fine beating this dead horse...the Olympics. Yes, lets bring more people here and focus our money on that frivolity of sportsmanship instead of working on lowering deadly violence and improving our deplorable schools.


Summer's finally over.
Praise God.


Aaron said...

man this is crazy! I have been gone from Chicago for almost a year and still feel like it is home. I hate to hear what is going down there... Come on church lets do something in the "windy" city!!!

By the way Sarah I put you on my blog roll on my blog. I hope that is ok... It's under the title... "A Sharp Lady" :)

Aaron said...

Take the comment approval gadget off!!! :0)

Christopher B. Brooks said...

That's real Sarah. The Church needs to step up.

christian said...

When our troops are done with Chi-town send them north to Milwaukee, thanks.

Good words