Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rob Bell messing it all up


I got this from http://revolutioninthespirit.blogspot.com/
Its the youth pastor from Armitage Baptist Church. Some people I know read my blog that may not be aware of his yet. Lies are convincing, Read up on the truth. Scary stuff to think that this man is running one of the biggest churches in America, Mars Hill.

* Be a better Berean than the Bereans were.

* When we elevate man, we lower the cross and we can't afford to do that because the cross is the only chance of hope for us.

* Humanism disguised as Christianity.


Steve said...

Just to clarify, The Australian guy is not me... :0)

Thanks for getting the word out, Sarah.

Sarah said...

i just re read my post and yes the australian guy speaking in the video is not the youth pastor from Armitage. I worded that kind of funny.


I got the video clip from Steve, the youth pastor.
I am not sure who that is speaking.

thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

As with anything, context is important. I believe in this case it is important to show the entire Nooma video (they are generally 10mins long) than just the 2mins and then commenting.

Although I have to assume the Pastor here did watch the entire Nooma before putting this together others reading only your blog will be mislead.

I appreciate you (and this youth pastor) do this to 'warn' people. But why do we give so much time trying to bring people down and point the finger instead of using the time to speak the word of Jesus. Rob Bell is a revolutionary teacher and raises some fascinating points. As Rob Bell says himself, 'God has spoken, the rest is commentary' - which is why we must spend our time reading our Bibles and getting to know God ourselves.
Sometimes we feel our teachers get it right, sometimes we may feel they get it wrong. I hope one day that we believers in Jesus Christ can start to encourage one another to seeking truth, not spend time trying to discredit and discourage those who are.

Sarah said...

I am obligated by biblical mandate to be a berean and investigate for myself what others say about the Word of God.

If someone is lying about Christ and the Word of God, then out of love I want to tell others.

False teachers are a dangerous and often persuasive thing.

You said: "I hope one day that we believers in Jesus Christ can start to encourage one another to seeking truth, not spend time trying to discredit and discourage those who are."

I agree with you fully.
I am hopefully encouraging you and others to do just that. TO SEEK TRUTH. And since it is not biblical truth that Rob Bell is actually teaching, I do not feel that I am discouraging or discrediting someone who is speaking truth.

To others: www.nooma.com
to purchase the videos
or youtube.com has some of them posted if anyone does in fact feel mislead by not viewing the video in its entirety.

Fact: Rob Bell does not actually take back or refute the things that is shown on my blog on the video in the later minutes of the NOOMA video.

Steve said...

Anon, you said:

"But why do we give so much time trying to bring people down and point the finger instead of using the time to speak the word of Jesus."

We need to do both. If a wolf is attempting to scatter the flock, the wolf has to be confronted. Of course, the shepherds are always feeding the sheep - that's what we do. But shepherds also defend.

Sometimes defense needs to be very aggressive.

Steve said...

One more thing...

Rob Bell has quite a presence on the Web. It's not like anyone who sees this video can't simply Google his name and find out what he says about himself.

As far as context, I don't see how what Rob said could be good in any context. Except to illustrate bad teaching.

smackD said...

I just watched Rob's portion of the video and then stopped so I could give my initial thoughts..

It's hard for me to say that Rob is making a point about diminishing the importance of faith in Jesus.

I can see where his emphasis on Jesus having faith in us could spark some controversy.

But I'm immediately reminded of the times when Jesus talks about how it is for their good for him to go away because the Counselor is going to come in his place (John 16:7)

And then later in chapter 17 when praying for all the believers, he prays '..for those who WILL believe in me through THEIR message' (verse 20). David Healing was able to shed some light on this for me, pointing out that Jesus presumed the effectiveness of the Gospel being carried out after he is gone.

again, i didn't view the whole nooma video or even that whole clip. what I commented on was just my initial reactions to what Rob was saying.

more thoughts?

smackD said...

i wish i could edit my previous comment because i forgot one key point i wanted to make.

unless i'm completely off the mark, i think it's right to say that Jesus has faith in us. Jesus entrusts the disciples to take the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)

Sarah said...

I dont think that Jesus leaving to return to the Father and the Holy Spirit coming had anything to do with Jesus having faith in the disciples.

Also, you stressed certain words in your quotation of chapter 17. I am always careful to put stress on certain words of the Bible, I feel sometimes it can be taken out of context but I get what you were trying to say. Again, I have to respectfully disagree because people were brought to salvation not through the message of the disciples but the message of Jesus Christ. And whenever we speak the message of Jesus Christ to others and they are redeemed and accept Christ, it is not by our own doing but by God's.

I believe Dave Healing was correct in teaching you that Jesus presumed the effectiveness of the Gospel after his departure because well, he knew what would happen because he was God. He is eternal and all knowing. The gospel being preached is result of God. All things are though him and of him.
He knows whatI will type to you before I finish this sentence. However, to presume something means to make a statement or declaration without sure knowledge and Jesus surely knows all.

Good looking in Pat. I appreciate you.

Sarah said...

yeah its not the whole Jesus having faith in us as disciples thing that killed me in that video.

Its the Peter lost faith in himself thing. And the idea that we should hold faith in ourselves. Thats elevating man and thats dangerous. As soon as we begin to have faith in ourselves we are screwed. Pride comes before the fall, I am constantly reminded (seriously constantly!)and that video was like "peter did not lose faith in Jesus, he lost faith in himself." I just think that is wrong. I have zero faith in myself, as it should be because by the time you read this post I will have sinned like 11 times already and be asking God's forgiveness.