Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shirley Mae Murphy

enough with religion, politics, education issues....

This intermission of regular blog topics is brought to you by my camera phone.
This is my grandma, Shirley Murphy on her 84th birthday which was September 17th. She has more friends than people I know and she got lots of flowers, over 20 birthday cards in the mail and WAY too many phone calls ALLLLL day while I was trying to sleep off my pain medicine for my ankle. But she deserves it.
Such a tiny granny.
Flowers from Amber and Simon
ambers flowers
ambers flowers

Flowers from Jen and Matt:
granny loves jen flowers

Birthday dinner:
granny 84th bday dinner

Butterfly from Kim:
granny loves butters
(Gran hates butterflies because they used to be caterpillars. She is afraid of caterpillars.)

Granny with the first birthday present/birthday acknowledgement from the doctor she has worked under for 40 years. He gave her 25 pink roses and a card. Yes, she still works as a nurse.
granny loves dr resiser flowers

It smells wonderful in the house.


Aaron said...

she is a precious beautiful woman!

Blessings to you and your grandmother!

Kim said...

cutest bluebird ever. tweet.