Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jesus was not one of the cool kids.

I have been laid up lately due to my ankle (see the vast increase in blog posts?) and spending alot of time on the internet. I came across a blog and this man posted the above video and said

"Sometimes I am soooooo embarrassed by others who profess to be Christians, and then do crazy and ridiculous and insensitive and not-classy things… uuugh! And they are serious!Is this realy the best way to introduce Jesus as a friend? It sure makes it harder for the rest of us…"

I was like WHAT? yes the man may be silly and the song not banging out a beat in really ANY WAY but he is worshipping and giving glory to God. I was shocked that this particular blogger thought this video was in any way insensitive or not classy? I was amused by the video and the song was in my head the rest of the day.

I also was intrigued by the fact that this particular man felt songs and actions like this make it harder "for the rest of us" to introduce Jesus as a friend. Jesus himself was not popular or cool. He was homeless, hated, probaly dirty, not fashionable,etc. A lot of people killed him because he was so not liked. Jesus did a pretty crazy and ridiculous thing for us. Jesus wasn't overly concerned about being insensitive or politically correct, just glorifying to his father. And as far as the best way to introduce Jesus as a friend? How about his death on the cross? Is that an easy or sensitive way to introduce him?

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