Friday, May 2, 2008

NO title here

i have no title. I dont really have much of a post either. I am not sure what to say about the whole Obama Wright thing except thats sad. How much would that hurt more to have to break with a friend in the public arena? TO lose a friend hurts very much, to lose a pastor you have had for half a lifetime must be excruciating. I think the best course of action for us all to take is none. To leave these men to the difficult task of dealing with their hurt. I am sad that Obama is "losing momentum" in his campaign and I will pray for him. It must be tiresome to have to fight so much and debate so much and be critiqued so much. I think he is a decent man who wants good things for all people in this country. Its sad that fact alone makes people skeptical. Its sad that race factors so much into this campaign and everything else in America and elsewhere, it factors in so much more than we will ever know and in ways we cannot identify. I am tired of identifying it, honestly. Fortunately, being white I do have the choice to retreat to my "white" world and ignore these racial problems. But I wont. I never do. But having that choice and not making that choice makes all the difference in the world and keeps me fighting for love and rightousness.


Aaron said...

I am crushed that O'bama and his pastor are going in different directions and that his campaign is loosing steam. I don't think I can vote if he doesn't win the dem prim.

Nice to see you back blogging again! The bloggin world took a hit when you were gone!


Simon said...

I agree totally. Why does it always have to be about the headlines and not about the issues?