Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dont tread on me

Last week I was exiting the expressway and waiting at the Fullerton stoplight. There was a car right next to me and both of our windows were down. I heard all this rustling and looked over as this man threw a mcDonalds bag, drink cup and some paper nonchalantly out his window. Its not like we were driving which would not make it ok, but at least you are moving and leaving the evidence in a hurry. His garbage just plopped down right in the middle of the exit ramp. Since our windows were down and we were right next to each other I said "Hey." He looked over and was like "How you doin?" I was like, "Cool. Cool. But hey, um, you dropped something" and then pointed to the mound of garbage. He looked at me like I just slapped his momma. He called me a bitch and flicked me off. I started laughing, really laughing. What a stupid response! Then as we drove away he swerved slightly into my lane and was like I will show her! Seriously, I was amused. (one of my favorite things in a sick sort of way is when people flick other people off while driving. I dont know why but something about flicking off someone you dont know as you speed past them makes me laugh. I mean, are you really that mad? Like f*&^$ me because I didnt see your turn signal and let you in? Or you are enraged because I am going too slow? I drive a Toyota Camry!! Cut me some slack! I definitely have done this a sparse few times and as SOON as I have done that, I laugh hysterically. Chicago driving. It gets the best of us)

So yesterday I was walking to class at like 515 pm. It was kind of windy and there was a guy in front of me walking and cleaning out his wallet. He was flicking all the cards and papers he didnt need behind him as he walked. THey were hitting me in the legs as I walked. So I collected the old CTA passes and receipts and paper cards he littered and when he was done I tapped him on the shoulder and handed them all back to him. He was confused at first, he said no, thank you but I meant to throw those down. He thought that I thought he accidentally dropped them. I was smiling super big and then he realized and started laughing and was like alright, you got me. I said I can throw those away for you if you like? Then I pointed to the 90 million garbage cans on the posts all around us on campus. We both laughed pretty hard and then I walked away to class. Before I entered the building I turned around to see him throwing it all away in the garbage. I make myself laugh sometimes, and today I made someone else laugh too. And I saved the earth. Very productive day.

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Meridith said...

It's amazing how ignorant people can be. The guy in the car takes the cake. What a pig!

It took courage to take a stand in both instances ... and it was a very productive day!