Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicago, What the hell?

Chicago is pissing me off.

I like Jody Weiss, the new superintendent. I think its awesome that he came up in here and fired all those police superintendents and higher ups so he could start over and deal with corruption. I do not think violence is out of control in Chicago, anymore than it ever is. Every summer everyone freaks out like gun violence in Chicago during warm weather is a new thing. I am not saying it doesnt matter, it does so get mad, get angry, motivate, assemble, pray lets do this....But this is not brand new information to any of us. Why do we have to go through the act of being shocked and blown away like this somehow symbolizes the armegeddon. Every year people, every year gangbangers take to the streets with their guns and innocent people get shot in the crossfire. Its bull, yes, but this is not brand new information. This is not a new phenomenon. I am not sure why we cant seem to solve this problem, but perhaps its because we spend the first month and a half of summer pretending like its a huge shock this is happening. Lets all just go in the house a little earlier and keep our kids out the dang streets.

The transit system. Are you kidding me? No, for real? We cant get this together but we want to add like 50 million people to the city during the summer in few years for the Oympics? Are they all going to walk? Our transit system is a joke. They threaten doomsday every other month and scare people with fare increases and route cuts. Who am I faulting? I am blaming all that on Our stupid excuse for a governor, Blagoyevich. I do not care I may have spelled this man's name wrong, I do not care. His name should be demoted to a four letter word. He promised the CTA like 32 million dollars and decided last week to take it back. Um, sorry, sir there's no takesies backsies after you sign off on it. The Chicago Transit Authority did not cut routes or hike fares because you told them not to! You, Governor dipwad, promised them funds to the tune of 32 million dollars to bail them out. Then, to further screw with the CTA you made them give seniors free and reduced fare cards which you promised to pay for. Its like he is kidding, like hahah April Fools! I dont get it, are him and Todd Stroger best friend forever?

R.B + T.S = Partners in Crime for a new Chicago?????

Cmon. Is anyone else paying attention?

Or are we all too excited about the State troopers and National Guardsmen coming to the Chi to help police our streets? Thats a great idea. Its nice the State Troopers could take time out of their busy schedules of writing speeding tickets on the interstates to hang out with the bangers and work for peace. I am sure their training totally equipped them to deal with urban violence and city issues.

On a positive note, I heard the City of Chicago bought a new battalion of Police SUVS! Wheee money well spent there, because the regular cars were not effective at fighting crime or fixing the worst schools and hospitals in the nation or funding our transit system, but these Ford Explorers should get everything back in order! Not to mention they take more gas and somehow that all works out to help the city save money and fight crime.

Another bright spot is Mayor Daley just raised 12 million the other night for the Olympic Bid! Yay. At least he knows whats important in this city, I feel so warm and fuzzy that our fearless leaders have righted the ship of Chicago and are steering us in the direction of a brighter future for all.

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