Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sudhir Venkatesh

Sometimes I can just feel when a book is going to be amazing. I know its going to invogorate me and change me up. I know that before reading "Gang leader for a day" by the "rogue sociologist" Sudhir Venkatesh. I get a little nervous before reading these books, I put it off and look at the cover alot as if I am not yet ready for the wealth of information and motivation it is going to provide.

I cracked it last night and read like 100 pages. The foreword said that the Sudhir has an overdeveloped curiosity and an underdeveloped sense of fear. I laughed because that is something my grandma and grampa have said about me for years. Sudhir says he is not interested in being a stuffy scientific sociologist and that through math and those surveys you cant get to really know people. I am not interested in all that scientific quantitative stuff but I am getting a sociology degree. People ask me all the time what my career will be and it is the same as when I was little, I want to work with the poor in Chicago. I know it will be working for equality across class and race lines. Thats it. Thats all I know. Much to the dismay of others, I lack lofty financial aspirations. I just need t make enough for me, a small apartment, a dog and cat, and an occasional trip to Target!!! :)

But when I read people like Sudhir I get excited. I will let you know how it reads out.


People with Nevada license plates tend to be more agressive, taunting drivers.

I will see my sissy in like 5 hours, I cant wait.

Motel Six is not bad, They leave the light on for you too.

I miss my cat! ISnt that silly? My sisters friend is watching her and sent a picture today and I got all wistful and sad.

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