Monday, July 21, 2008

Screw the people of Beijieng, Bring on the Olympics.

So today I was sitting in a Subway in Winnetka having a $5 foot long ( I know you just sang the song in your head)with a girl I babysit. Since everything is ridiculously pampered and over the top in Winnetka, I was sitting in a leather cushioned chair in their "lounge" complete with a flat screen plasma tv which had stereo sound. The television was tuned to CNN and I watched this story with pure amazement.

It seems Beijieng has too much pollution, and this is embarrassing because the world will be watching on 08-08-08 (how cute)as the Olympics are coming to town. Effectively immediately, all the factories there are closed and the workers on a NON paid "vacation." This is a stop gap solution which will not clear up or clean out any of the pollution but millions more fumes and harmful agents will not be released into the atmosphere, at least until the Olympics are over. And also starting today, everyone who lives in the city can only drive every other day. If you have a car, you have to get a special permit which tells you which few days of the week that you can use your own car on. Again, stop gap not effective in cleaning or working for a better future but just until the Olympics are over....

Am I taking crazy pills?
The people of Beijieng are not happy. This one guy was freaking out in Chinese ( I assume) and saying something about how he lives day to day on his paycheck in the factories and what is he going to do. I bet there are alot more people out there wondering how they will survive this next month and half. But hey, as long as the OLYMPICS go off without a hitch THATS what is important. hey, One world one dream right? Thats the slogan? One dream of what? THis gets more ridiculous by the day.

Ahem, Mayor Daley, are you taking notes?
Of course you are.
2016 Stir the soul?
not so much,
How about relocate-all-the-homeless-repeatedly-to-hide-the-problem-and-screw-the-working-man-in-Chicago-what-about-our-increased-level-of-pollution-and-what-about-the-transit-problem 2016?
I volunteer to make t shirts.

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