Thursday, July 3, 2008

things I miss

I'm in Colorado. I cant breathe, the altitude is so high which makes the air so thin... It hasnt stopped raining. My sister is real sick and I am worried. I am tired and restless and anxious. I like home and my cat. Here is a self indulgent blog which is full of things I miss, photographically.

PhotobucketI miss my cat. My sisters friend is watching her and loving her which is good and a blessing becuase I am not sure when I am coming back. But I miss her and her marshmallow paws.

This is Jack. I babysit for him every week. He just started crawling. When I get back he will maybe be close to walking and saying even more words!

this is Jack's brother, Thomas. I babysit for him even before Jack was born! T is in love with baseball. He knows stats, teams, players, logos, and he is only three. He is great. These two boys are the lights of my life, I couldnt love them more if they were my own.

My brushes. I miss my brushes and paints and canvases. I was working on a cool painting full of blues before I left. I contemplating bringing it all here but I may be taking a plane home and then how would I fit it in luggage and etc. I am sad and I want to paint.

This is me squeezing Cubby as she lays in her bed.
this is my grandma's dog, Cubby, and she is crabby and not very cuddly most of the time. I miss her because she is cute and allows me to harrass her daily. She is very weird.

this is marquis. I was missing him even before I left......

I love the Chi. Its home. I like home. I hate traveling.
This is the view of Gospel Fest as a storm rolled in over Millenium Park.
Gothically beautiful.

Yeah, I have only been away for a few days but I felt the need to express my sentiments through pictures.

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